Women's Walking Sandals with Arch Support

Size Guide
US UK EU WIDTH cm WIDTH Inches Heel to Toe (inch)
4 1.5 33.5     8.5
4.5 2 35 8.8 3.4 8.7
5 2.5 36 8.8 3.4 9
5.5 3 37 8.8 3.4 9
6 3.5 37 8.8 3.4 9.2
6.5-7 4-4.5 38 9 3.5 9.5
7.5 5 39 9 3.5 9.8
8 5.5-6 40 9 3.5 10
8.5-9 6.5 41 9 3.5 10.3
9.5 7 42 9.2 3.6 10.3
10 7.5 42 9.5 3.7 10.5
10.5 8 42 9.5 3.7 10.8
11 9 43 9.5 3.7 10.8

Are you suffering from bunion and looking for the best sandals that will make your life a lot easier and can get you to relieve from chronic pain?

Then we have a fantastic product for you and search for durable, comfortable, and trendy leather footwear for ladies ends here.

Women's Walking Sandals with Arch Support

This Women's Walking Sandals with Arch Support are well worth the price because they offer comfort, luxury, and quality. Never compromises your style by having an ordinary product from the market – Replace your cheap, ordinary, and low-quality slippers with this amazing trendy leather footwear that has a perfect design for outdoor.

Whether you want to wear in a party, office meetings, or for a morning walk – This Women's Walking Sandals with Arch Support will hide your bunion without messing your style statement and more than that, it will offer you the arch support you need!

Women's Walking Sandals with Arch Support


  • Fashion charming beautiful casual style slipper for summer wear.

  • It’s made of original PU leather.

  • Its inner lining made of pigskin that provides excellent air permeability and sweat absorption.

  • Its open-toe design helps to hide your bunion and offers arch support - plantar fasciitis shoes

  • Available in 3 different trendy colors, these arch support sandals are a must-have

Women's Walking Sandals with Arch Support


  • It’s great for relieving pain that can be brought on by wearing tight and narrow-width shoes.

  • Ideal size, great quality PU leather material with super wide-width upper naturally cure your bunion problem.

  • Most folks suffering from bunion problems while walking and exercising. Its barefoot design provides maximum flexibility to your feet. You can prevent additional accidents and internal injuries to your feet by selecting such slippers.

Women's Walking Sandals with Arch Support


The Women's Walking Sandals with Arch Support has the finest ergonomic, smart design help to relieve suffering and the pain for the affected person. Due to its superb flexibility, this orthopedic sandal is meant to supply good freedom for your feet and ankles while walking, exercising, and are greatly flexible.

These are the best shoes for bunions because these are sandals that hide bunions, are the best sandals for high arches offering you the support you need!

Wear our Foot Arch Support Orthopedic Insoles for maximum comfort!

Women's Walking Sandals with Arch Support


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